The Finish Line


“As one who is too undisciplined, I rely on my regular sessions with Allie to maintain and improve my physical fitness.  Allie is encouraging and charming while pressing me to probably do more that I would have expected of myself.  A valuable “investment” in my own health and fitness!”  “Doctor recommended!!!”
– Male client age 69

“Why do I take classes at FitFocused? It’s very simple: Allie has given me the power to believe in myself. She has shown me that hard work and dedication really do pay off. She inspires me every time I take one of her classes and she knows how to gently push me to take that extra step to test my strength and stamina. Allie’s classes are fun and not intimidating at all!

Allie is nothing short of a true professional who takes her job very seriously. She always has a smile to make you feel at ease and comfortable. I know that she genuinely cares about each and every one of her clients. I’ve never felt so motivated to work hard to reach my fitness potential!”
– Chrissy Cowell

“When I first called Allie, it was 8 months after the birth of my second child.  I was having joint problems and couldn’t walk up a flight of stairs without getting winded, never mind keep up with an infant and a toddler.  I had always been a runner, but life had gotten in the way and I was exhausted and cranky all of the time.   Those first couple of sessions with Allie were tough, but it made me realize how much work I had to do to get back to where I was fit, healthy and happy.  And Allie was the perfect partner to help me do that – inspiring, non-judgmental and super fun.  Today, despite being a busy working mom, fitness is one of my top priorities.  I am back to running and Allie has even inspired me to start doing races again and (mini!) triathlons.  Allie changed my life and I am really grateful!”
– Moira

Three years of training with Allison Duxbury has improved the functioning of my mind and body in marvelous ways. I have more stamina and can do more things than I did 3 years ago. I walk faster, my posture is better and I am more limber. I wouldn’t give up training with her for the world. Alvin Lucier (aged 77!)
– Alvin Lucier

I have been working out with Allie for three years and simply cannot say enough about her.  I never really liked to work out, as I hate the gym scene and get bored very easily.  Allie is great about motivating without being too pushy, and she respects each individual’s views toward exercise.  Since staring with Allie, I have seen incredible changes in my body.  I have become so much stronger and was able for the first time in my adult life to flatten my stomach.  I recommend Allie to anyone looking to begin exercising or if they need to step up their routine, and have in fact gotten my husband and two sons involved with Allie as well.  I actually look forward to working out now!  YEAH ALLIE!!
– Mimi Roche 

Allison Duxbury has been working individually with our daughter Kaela for the past three years. Now at age 10, Kaela has a great understanding of the importance warming up, has learned a great variety of stretching techniques and has increased her flexibility significantly. Allison has contributed to Kaela becoming very successful on the national and international levels of competitive Irish dancing. She researched and developed a customized plan for stretching and increasing strength for this athletic and artistic art form. Training sessions with Allison are both intense and fun. Kaela looks forward to her sessions with Allison because they include a variety of activities, great explanations of the benefits and above all – are challenging. Even though Kaela comes out of her sessions tired, she always smiles. Allison has taught our daughter to understand how to take care of herself as an athlete and has given her a skill that will last a lifetime.
– Maura Gray and Bill Milewski

I had three beautiful babies within three years, and as soon as my youngest entered Pre-School, I decided it was time to begin re-toning my body.

At my first personal training session with Allie, she took my baseline measurements and had me take a baseline fitness test. Having these stats is motivational to me as I can monitor my progress each time we retest. Allie’s personal training sessions are customized, her workout routines are varied and keep my interest while continually challenging me as my abilities increase.

One of the many great benefits of working out with Allie is that when the weather is warm, we work-out outside in beautiful Hadlyme – we will go for walks wearing weighted vests, we’ll bring the BoSu ball, bands and medicine balls into the yard, or we’ll do some intense exercise on the trampoline.

In the winter I’ll get my cardio on the spinning bike, stair machine or by kickboxing. As my abilities have improved, I have taken more of her classes such as hiking through Gillette’s Castle and summer Swim Classes. This fall I began taking her yoga pilates class to work on balance and her ball class for a cardio and weight training workout.

Allie is a fantastic teacher in these classes and shows the class how the exercises can be varied so that they are easier for beginners or more challenging for those who have been taking her classes regularly. Allie is very encouraging and motivational, she will push me to my limits and respects me when I have reached those limits.

I am achieving my goals and seeing results, all the while having fun along the way. I feel great and it is so rewarding to make visible progress, which is a constant motivation.

Allie has made it easy for me to maintain an effective fitness routine.
– Robbin Myers