The Finish Line

Stay Active

Remember the old adage use it or lose it? Well exercise really is the fountain of youth! According to the US Surgeon General – regular physical activity that is performed on most days of the week reduces the risk of developing or dying from some of the leading causes of illness and death in the United States.

According to the AFAA (the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America) exercise reduces the risk of diabetes and hypertension; helps people who already have high blood pressure reduce it; reduces the risk of colon cancer; reduces feelings of depression and anxiety; helps control weight; maintains healthy bones, muscles and joints; and helps older adults become stronger and better able to move around without falling.

FitFocused can provide cardiovascular, resistance, flexibility and balance training that will enable you to take the worry out of what exercise component you should be doing and when. When you take up personal training, you will feel great about yourself, knowing you are getting a program specifically tailored to your needs or why not try a class or two if you like the social aspect of working out with other people.

All participants in each class cover the same components of training, but modifications are taught so that every class is suitable for all fitness levels.