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Improve Flexibility

The lack of adequate flexibility training may be due to the fact that aesthetically it is not as visible as other areas of fitness but is very important. Flexibility refers to a joint’s mobility and range of motion. Flexibility training should always be included in every fitness program, as loss of flexibility will result in injury.

Benefits of flexibility training are that it will prevent muscle shortening that often comes from inactivity, muscle imbalances, aging and/or disease. Lengthening the muscles will prevent injury from sudden mishaps such as a slip or fall. The American College of Sports medicine states that individuals should be stretching 2-3 days a week to the intensity of mild discomfort. Inflexibility is a common cause of low back pain which can be caused by sitting a lot, sleeping on your stomach and wearing high heels as well as muscle strains and lifting technique.

FitFocused can help by offering Yoga and Pilates based classes that focus on lengthening and strengthening the muscles. We also can offer personal training sessions tailored to stretching and strengthening specific areas of the body that are tight taking in your individual factors. We also offer sport specific flexibility training and can determine a stretching program that addresses all the major muscle groups that is right for you.