The Finish Line

Combat Stress

Everyone has some stress in their life, maybe through work, or travel; through family life; through caring for a sick relation or through financial problems; whether we are dealing with school graduations and performances; report cards or school exams or just managing hectic spring and summer sports schedules for our children; stress is a factor in our lives.

Stress that is not managed properly can lead to depression. Studies have shown that exercise can help with stress and mild depression. According to the American Council on Exercise (ACE), researchers believe exercise can be more effective than medication for treating mild depression. Exercise certainly makes you feel better about yourself. Remember the last time you were feeling stressed – did a short walk around the yard or park leave you feeling just a little bit better?

Stress can leave you drained and anxious. Exercise has been proven to alleviate these symptoms so take the time to work out alone or with a friend and sweat out your stress. You are worth it and no one else can do this for you!