The Finish Line

Meet Ben

My name is Ben Barrett  and I am new to fitfocused, but I have been in the health and fitness industry since the early 1980s.  What originally drew me to working alongside Allison is her motivation and optimism, despite any setbacks, and her well rounded knowledge in the field. It quickly becomes apparent that she is the “real deal “, or as real as they come, with a heart of Gold.

My background:

As a young personal trainer In the early 1980s, living in Los Angeles, I was originally mentored by Terry Robinson D.C., coined The Trainer to the Stars in the 1960s. Later, as I matured, i had more in-depth mentoring from the legendary trainer Paul Chek.

Through applying knowledge in a high volume training facility in California, I developed my own style of getting people into shape, of all ages.

For my formal education, I received an undergraduate degree from the University of Connecticut,  in Physiology and Nutrition; I had in-depth study in cardiovascular/ Heart pathophysiology from Hoffman Heart Institute in Hartford, Ct ; I am a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS); and a licensed massage therapist.