The Finish Line

Steve Lo Monaco

Steve Lo Monaco is a 10-year certified fitness professional with a passion for SPINNING.  A Schwinn Academy graduate, he has been teaching indoor cycling and fitness classes for Navy personnel and civilians.  Additionally versed in core conditioning, yoga and step,  Steve loves to introduce new people to a life of fitness and veterans fitness participants to the next level.

3 words to describe Steve’s classe
Fun, Intense and Rewarding

If you are on a cardio machine before one of Steve’s classes, chances are he will encourage you to partake in SPINNING class.  A man of his word, he promises a motivating, self-paced workout and proclaims it the greatest way to keep in shape.

Born in Long Island, NY, Steve transferred to Italy with his family when he was 7.  Growing up in Italy with visits back “home” provided Steve with a taste for adventure.  As an adult, he has continued his passion in sales management with the Navy Exchange with duty stations to include Italy, Bahrain, Djibouti and Connecticut.  In his free time, Steve pursues fitness activities and travel. He loves trail runs, sprint triathlons and mountain biking.  Most recently, Steve was able to combine his two passions and traveled to Italy biking local trails for 30 days.

Enjoying the greatest way to stay in shape, Steve believes a good work out should make the couch feel that much better.

For the past three years, he has logged more miles on a bike than in the car! When not working or teaching classes at the gym, Steve is usually outdoors with his dog Jazz or spending time in his garden.

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