The Finish Line

Meet Allison and Co.

Alison Duxbury, certified personal trainer, Lyme, Old Lyme, Salem, Hadlyme, Haddam CT
Allison is the owner and founder of FitFocused and has 20 years of experience. She has traveled all over the world picking up ideas along the way. Not only does she live and breathe fitness, but she also opens up the doors of her own home for classes and personal training sessions. Allison tailors all of her classes for all ages, shapes and fitness levels. She is passionate about what she does and believes with a little determination exercise can help you lose weight, increase bone mass, improve flexibility, combat stress, and realize your full potential.

Rod Duxbury, Spin certified instructor, Lyme CT

As an enthusiastic cyclist, Rod got spin certified in Stowe, Vermont, with popular Mad Dog/Johnny G. Spinning in 2008.  Rod has been teaching spin classes for FitFocused continuously since his certification. He believes in starting the day early.  As an ex-military Army Officer (British Army) Rod has always been involved in exercise and believes that whatever the class is, exercise is a key component of staying physically and mentally fit.  Rod has signed up for Lake Placid Ironman 2012 again (Finisher in 2009) and uses his two spin classes a week as an integral part of his wider training program.  Rod’s spin class caters for all levels and believes in his clients setting their own goals which can be individually managed.

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