The Finish Line


This class gives you a big calorie burn while building cardiovascular fitness and strength at the same time. Get results in less time using a kettlebell.


A fusion of the ancient practice of yoga with light weights and bands, alternating with pilates matwork. This class is for the young, old, athletic sedentary and even those recovering from injury. Average calorie burn 300-400 calories per hour.

Spin and Abs

Spin and abs – An indoor cycling workout that is guaranteed to burn lots of calories and strengthen and tone your lower body too. The ride that is set to music will take you up and down hills and flats and get your endorphins flowing.
Each participant rides at their own level. This 45 minute workout burns the equivalent of 8 oreo cookies or 500-800 calories. The class will finish with a 15 minute intense abdominal routine and stretch.

Just Spin

Just spin – Get a fast paced early morning workout to get your energy levels soaring throughout the day while burning loads of calories. Rod loves this class and feels that the energy from other spinners in the class provides just the right kick start for the day ahead. Tailored to all fitness levels.

Small Group Training

Stretching out before a group training session, Lyme, Old Lyme, Hadlyme, Salem, Haddam, CT

Group training provides a more personalised service than a class environment and with activities tailored around the preferences of the group. You can enjoy the company and motivation of others and save a little money too! Choose a semi-private (Buddy) workout or get a group of 4—6 friends or colleagues together and we’ll devise a program to meet all your individual needs but in a group environment to reduce individual costs.

Legs, Bums & Tums

Legs, Bums & Tums ™ is a cardio and strength training program focusing on those “problem” places. This program is again suitable for all ability levels with modifications offered to beginners and advanced participants.

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